I'm Arnaud Rebillout, a French software engineer living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I work in the field of Free and Open-Source Software (usually shortened as FOSS) and Linux operating systems. It means things like embedded systems, IoT and DevOps.

I studied computer science at the University of Bordeaux 1, France, where I obtained my master's degree with honors in 2007. Since then, I lived and worked in France, Australia, Switzerland and Vietnam.

I currently work as a freelance consultant.


Linux operating systems

I'm a Debian maintainer and I can support your business in using Debian for various projects, or maintain your existing Debian infrastructure, or anything in between.

Debian is a general-purpose Linux operating system, widely used server-side (either in containers, or as a host OS), and also suitable for IoT devices and embedded systems. Debian is the OS on top of which is built Ubuntu.

I can also deliver projects with Buildroot, a tool that specializes in building highly tailored Linux OS for embedded devices. Buildroot is best for low-resource devices.

Distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux
Embedded Buildroot, OpenWRT, cross-compilation


DevOps can be loosely defined as a set of tools and practices that help your business deliver software, with focus on continuous delivery and quality.

I can help your business to understand what DevOps is, and how it can help you. We can analyze your software development and delivery process, understand where are the pain points, and see how to improve it with DevOps methodology.

DevOps covers various topics such as infrastructure automation (or infrastructure as code), continuous integration, automatic testing, packaging, release automation.

Build & Integration Azure Pipelines, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, Open Build Service
Containers & VM Docker, Vagrant, libvirt, QEMU
Config Management Ansible, SaltStack

Software development and Open-Source

I can write code for your business, either applications or libraries, as long as it's expected to run on a Linux OS. I write mainly in Python, C and Bash, although I have experience with many other languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Go and more.

One aspect of writing code for an open OS such as Linux is that often, you don't need to write code, you can instead reuse code that already exists, if you can find it. Another aspect is that, if you really need to write code, this code will ralely sit alone, instead it needs to interact with the rest of the OS, and you'll need a good knowledge of Linux to get things right.

We'll work together to understand exactly what problem you need to solve, and you'll benefit from my 10+ years of experience in Linux & Open-Source software.

Languages Bash, C, Python, Go, Javascript
Build Makefile, Meson, Autotools
Deployment Debian packaging, Docker images, Flatpak
Libraries GNOME, GTK, GStreamer, GLib, GObject

Web development

While not my specialty, I always enjoy a bit of web development. I can handle the creation and deployment of the website for your product, and I can develop simple web services if needed.

Web Servers Apache, NGINX, Flask
Languages HTML, CSS, Markdown, Jinja
Static Sites Hugo, Jekyll, Pelican


2018 → 2020
Software Engineer

Collabora is an international consultancy that specializes in Open-Source software.

I was in charge of building and maintaining a Debian derivative aimed for the desktop. A large part of the job is about improving processes, automating everything and working on test frameworks, so basically QA and DevOps things. Another part is about making the OS read-only and working on the update mechanism.

Lead Developer

Preevio was a French start-up developing privacy & security oriented products.

I worked on Satya, a derivative of the portable operating system Tails. The job was about building a Debian derivative, writing GTK applications and customizing the GNOME desktop with various extensions.

2011 → 2014
Lead Developer

Bartec Syscom is a Swiss company that produces vibration and seismic monitoring equipment.

I developed the embedded Linux system for a brand new line of equipment, starting from scratch. The OS is cross-compiled for Arm with Buildroot.

2007 → 2009
Software Engineer

SFR is a French telecommunications company.

I was part of the team in charge of developing the firmware for various consumer routers. In other words, highly customized embedded Linux OS for low-resource devices, built with OpenWRT.



Since 2016, I develop and maintain Goodvibes, an Internet radio player for Linux.

It is complete with unit tests, continuous integration, user documentation, and it is translated in around 10 languages. The app is distributed via the Flathub app store, and packaged for various Linux distributions.

Apart from the fun, maintaining this little program is a good way to stay in touch with a number of technologies related to GUI programming, multimedia, and Linux desktop environments. It's also a chance to handle every parts of an application lifecycle, from creation to delivery.

This blog

I started this blog in 2015, and it's a little project in itself.

This blog is created thanks to the static site generator Pelican, and building it required some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, the Jinja templating language, and a bit of Python.

The everyday operation is about typing some Markdown text, and sending it to the right places thanks to Rsync, Git and SSH.

It's hosted on a Debian server that is managed with Ansible, and served thanks to the web server Apache.

Guitar Looper with an Arduino board

Back in 2009, I made a guitar looper with an Arduino board, a bunch of pedals, and the Pure Data programming language. The original blog post is still around to testify!


I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you're around or if you're not afraid of remote work, get in touch!

Email contact@arnaudr.io
PGP 9D3B EC87 B456 3C64 2B7B E38A C083 1D1F 15E0 DA64
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnaud-rebillout
StackOverflow https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/776208
GitHub https://github.com/elboulangero
GitLab https://gitlab.com/elboulangero
Debian https://salsa.debian.org/arnaudr
GNOME https://gitlab.gnome.org/arnaudr
Freedesktop https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/arnaudr